Friday, February 22, 2008

Price/Parts List

Some of you have asked for a price list, so here it is. I excluded a few expenses for things I didn't end up using as well as computer expenses (PC and monitor) since I already had that. This should at least give you an idea of what the cabinet itself might cost. Keep in mind that corners can be cut if you don't want authentic 1983 Mario Bros. parts (like the bezel, marquee, and coin door). Good luck!

Description Cost Quantity Total With Tax
5/8" MDF $20.96 2 $41.92 $44.96
10-foot 2x8 $7.10 2 $14.20 $15.23
Jig Saw Blades $2.56 1 $2.56 $2.75
2" Stationary Casters $1.96 2 $3.92 $4.20
2" Swivel Casters $3.47 2 $6.94 $7.44
Box of 200 2" drywall screws $6.47 1 $6.47 $6.94
Pack of Hinges $2.49 1 $2.49 $2.67
12" Sliders for Drawer $4.99 1 $4.99 $5.35
Latch for Control Panel $0.68 4 $2.72 $2.92
Buttons and Joysticks $49.48 1 $49.48 $49.48
20' of 5/8" White T-Molding $13.80 1 $13.80 $13.80
Slot Cutter Router Bit $16.00 1 $16.00 $16.00
Sponge Brush $0.68 1 $0.68 $0.73
Behr Primer - 1 Gallon $16.97 1 $16.97 $18.20
Paint Roller Cover $3.27 1 $3.27 $3.51
Wood Filler $1.97 1 $1.97 $2.11
KeyWiz Keyboard Encoder $41.45 1 $41.45 $41.45
Coin Door $44.98 1 $44.98 $44.98
PC to TV Card $6.04 1 $6.04 $6.04
Side Art $58.95 1 $58.95 $63.08
Paint Brush $11.97 1 $11.97 $12.84
Bezel $47.05 1 $47.05 $47.05
Marquee $12.50 1 $12.50 $12.50
5/8" Particle Board $6.00 1 $6.00 $6.00
VGA Cable for Monitor $6.48 1 $6.48 $6.48
Ctrl. Panel Overlay Printing $33.25 1 $33.25 $33.25
Wire and Connectors $12.75 1 $12.76 $13.69

Total: $483.64


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

DrPhang said...

Hey I love the cab! I am going crazy trying to figure out how to get the stuff from the jakobud plans onto the MDF. It is the curves that screw me up. It is starting to make sense but could you give me some advice on tracing the plans out or is there an email address I can contact you at to ask a few more questions?

Tim Harding said...

Dr. Phang,
email me at tjharding at gmail dot com and I'll answer any questions you have (including the MDF issue you're dealing with!)

David Gordon said...

I've been watching your progress from about last sept. till now, It even inspired me to work on my own!

One question though, where did you find the bottom bezel bracket? I can't seem to find these anywhere...hmm

Thanks again!

Tim Harding said...

The bracket is just an L-shaped metal bracket from a hardware store. It is used for the bottom and top of the bezel and the bottom and top of the marquee. We cut the bracket the right length, then spray painted it black. This prevented the glass from coming out. Behind the glass were wooden block painted black on the left and right of the cabinet which prevents the glass from falling back.

DrPhang said...

this site has them...awesome place to deal with. I just bought a DK board from them.

DrPhang said...

Hey Tim! I have a question for you. I am finally getting around to building my cabinet. I have the sides, the front coin door and the base all ready to go. I am just confused on the best way to assemble this thing. Glue Clamp Screw?

Can you give me some ideas on how to get everything lined up without screwing up to bad?

I want to get the bottom together and get the thing standing/3D and then work on the top part.


Adam S.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to tell you your game looks great. I've had my Mario Bros game since 1985. It recently stopped working after no problems for 22 years. It is blowing fuses. Any clues to what the problem might be?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the art work for the control panel from an the original bezel and marquee, your cab looks great I'm going to hopefully start on mine in 2 weeks just gotta save some money for supplies.mine will be an orange cab ,I plan on just connecting a retroduo up for now though,then maybe down the road make it mame.

Tim Harding said...

Artwork came from which is no longer up. I can send you what I've got if you give me your email address. The marquee and bezel are original pieces I found on eBay while the rest of the artwork was printed at

Anonymous said...

ya I was definetly going to go through mamemarquee for the sideart they do a great repro of that just didn't like his version of the control panel art layout.but you can send it to thank you :)

austinMINI said...

Any change I can get the artwork file you used to print the control panel overlay? I'm converting an old Nintendo Vs machine.