Monday, January 26, 2009

POW Bar Stool Now Complimenting Arcade

Mom of the Year Award goes to my mom for making my dream a reality. A POW Block bar stool now welcomes guests to sit and play the Mario Bros. reproduction arcade cabinet. I found a couple old bar stools at a garage sale for $1. They were a bit rickety and had round seats, but my handy dad made a square seat and strengthened the stool with deep screws and some glue. My crafty mom took the pixel art POW Block I provided and got the black, white, blue, and light blue fabric needed and cut out the areas to pixel-perfection. After applying the pattern to the black fabric, she made a cushioned seat and wrapped it in plastic material so the POW would never come undone or get dirty. The best part is, sitting on the POW Block doesn't even use it up!

A closeup of the POW

One more shot of the new stool