Saturday, February 02, 2008

Some Final Pics

Well, the Mario Bros. arcade has been done for QUITE some time now, but I never got around to taking any final pictures, until now. Hope you enjoy them!

Here's the cabinet in it's corner of the house.

An angled view.

A front view.

Another angled shot.

Here's the 6-button custom control panel.

Original bezel and marquee.

Reproduction side art.

Original coin door.

Another look at the control panel.

Here's the machine turned on.

Another shot with the 17" monitor.


Anonymous said...

How much did this cost to make?

Real Legit Person said...

Awesome job on the build.
I was wondering how you went about the side-art though. I've got my own Mario to restore, and at this point all I have left is the artwork.

Thanks for any advice you can give!

Tim Harding said...

It was about $500 for the cabinet plus the computer/monitor (which I already had). I'll see if I can post my price list so you can get an idea of what it might cost you (there might be some corners you can cut to keep costs down).

Thanks for the compliment. I was able to buy some side art off of eBay from a guy that reproduced it on glossy adhesive paper. I don't see any up right now, but keep checking, it may show up. I've seen some arcade sites sell it once in awhile, but it's usually fairly expensive (over $100 for two). The other option is to have it printed at a local printer on glossy paper and use your own adhesive/glue to stick it on. The image file can be found here:

Just make sure it gets printed at a very high quality so it looks sharp. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

It looks great. I'd love a price list also.

Christian said...

Great Work Guys.. Looks Awesome. I hope to set a high score on this bad boy soon!

Anonymous said...

What is the point in making a reproduction and then putting a computer inside instead of the real pcb???

Anonymous said...

Cool arcade dude!Were makeing our own mario bros. arcade.But we can't get the rom!Which website do you get the rom in?If you know please tell us.
Thomas & Mike

Mario Bros said...

I really like, but is very expensive to make?

Play Hard said...

I have been looking everywhere for this machine. What are the chances of there being another available for purchase?

Dr. Blair said...

So awesome. I would like to pay you to make one for me.

Keith Puetz said...

Can you please send me the control panel art full res! Please I need it to complete my project! I will love you forever!

PatandSarah said...

Wow, you really did a great job! Enough so to inspire me to order up the parts for mine last night... Do you still have an image file for your control layout art? I found some old files on Arcade Library but they look incomplete... It would be appreciated.


joystick said...

Hello friend.
I live in Brazil and here I can not find any of these cabinets to take measurements.
You have to plant the Mario Bros Widebody cabinet to send me?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your cabinet. Your cab is EXACTLY what I envisioned my future cab to be when I stumbled across your page. I guess great minds think alike! lol just kidding. Amazing job. Where did you get the dimensions for the cabinet if I may ask? I have been searching all over the web lately and measurements have been different for each person.