Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Still Alive!

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. Progress has been so slow that updates were almost not warranted. But I have done some work since last updating. The control panel is attached to the cabinet with buttons and joysticks installed. The CP is hinged and can be raised about 30 degrees for better access to wires. It doesn't go up as much as I'd like, but there would have to be a noticable gap between the CP and the cabinet had I wanted to make the wiring more accessible. I've wired most of the buttons up, and that's where I ran into a problem. I placed the buttons/joysticks too far 'down' on the CP so that with the switches and wires connected, the front speaker panel hits the wires. This is unfortunate because fixing the problem means either extensive Dremel-ing or redoing the CP. I don't want to redo the CP because of the cost of printing a new overlay, so I'm going to try to Dremel the speaker panel so that the wires no longer hit. Anyway here are some pictures of drilling the pilot holes in the CP. I lined up the artwork where I wanted it and drilled small holes where the crosshairs for each button and joystick hole were marked on the artwork. I was careful not to drill too quickly because that can tear the artwork. Later I drilled the real holes with a 1 1/8" bore drill bit. Then I attached the sticky CP overlay to the wood (again careful to line it up). Finally I cut the excess from the overlay that was over the newly drilled holes.


Anonymous said...

What an epic adventure...you'll have to throw a party when you are done.

Anonymous said...

WOW Quality All Over, Takes Time to build these.....I Know I've built 4
using X-Arcade dual joy's....and XBOX & PS2...as computers..

Will you build another one ....?
And how MUCH ......? I want ONE!!

Email me back @ ericrichins@yahoo.com

Jeremy said...

I have the 1983 Mario Bros. arcade game sitting in storage. We used to play it all the time. I think the tv tube went out in it. Any idea what it's worth?