Monday, April 17, 2006

Finally Painted Blue!!!

Well, it's 6 months coming, but it was worth the wait. The cabinet is now a beautiful Nintendo blue (actually it's a Dunn-Edwards 'Sanctuary Spa' color). For those enquiring about paint colors, the 'Sancuary Spa' can be seen below and looks very nice. I couldn't tell you how close to the original color it is, but I don't think that matters too much, it looks great. My brother's cabinet (the Donkey Kong 3 reproduction) is also Dunn-Edwards and the color is called 'Bright Mango'. We went with Dunn-Edwards because it's the best. One quart went for around $12 and was plenty to cover the cabinet. In fact, for the blue, one coat probably would have sufficed as it covered very well, but I went ahead with a second coat anyway. The orange didn't cover as well with the white primer underneath (at least for the parts we've painted thus far). It took about 6 coats to really cover well, but we'll still have plenty with the 1 quart. A tip we got that we'll try out when painting the rest of his cabinet is to tint the primer with some of the final color. That is, mix a little orange in with some primer so we don't have to put as many coats on later. I'll let you know how that goes next time.

One last thing, you might be able to see in the head-on picture below that I painted the routed edge of the cabinet, half black and half blue. This is because in case the t-molding isn't exactly covering the entire edge, you won't be able to tell because the edge is colored according to the color of the side it is closest to. Till next time, here's the beautiful cabinet.


Sergio Sánchez said...

:P hey, that's the same blue my cab is painted :P. I wish I was a little less lazy and finish decorating my cab :)


Anonymous said...

very very nice finish on your (and your brother's) cab! my friends and i are just starting our own MAME project, and i stumbled across your blog. i hadn't put that much thought into the painting (primer, etc), but i will be making sure to pay special attention to it now, for sure! thanks for the excellent documentation.