Tuesday, December 20, 2005

When will we prime?!?!?!?

Ok, so we weren't quite ready to prime this weekend, but now we are! With only a couple of hours to work on the cabinet, we had some details to work out. First, I took out the speaker grill piece because the fit was too tight when it opened. With a coat of paint, it'll be even more tight, so I took the piece out and sanded it down so there would be a gap. We left it off because we are going to prime and paint it separate (since it has hinges). Next, Marc rounded the front edges of the control panel to give it a more comfortable feel when resting your hands on it. He did a great job of that. We had neglected the back of the cabinet since it wasn't as important, but now had to figure out what we were going to do about it.

We cut a piece from scraps to fit in the bottom of the back, just gluing it in and securing with clamps while drying. We'll later cut a hole in it for the power cord.

Then we glued in small 1" wide pieces of MDF we cut from scrap for the back door to rest against while in place. The back door will lock at the top and have a lip at the bottom. This way it will be secure on all sides.

Clamps everywhere!

A close up of the door rests.

There's a 5/8" gap between the rest and the back, so the door will be flush with the back of the cabinet.

Well, we're hoping to finish this by the new year, that may be a bit ambitious, but we will certainly keep making progress.


Anonymous said...

hey, whens the next update going to be? im using your idea/model as trial run for my cab. Thanks a ton. Looks great btw!

Anonymous said...

The next post should be comming soon. Tim and I are going to work on it this weekend and he usually posts that following monday. This next post should be particularly interesting...Until then, best luck!